Guiding Student Reflection in the Classroom

This post was written by guest contributor Tanya Lane from the Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Center in Boston, MA. After attending the first session of the “Fostering Independence” workshop at First Literacy, I decided to use my classroom agenda and reflection activities more purposely. My goal was to help students—a mixed level beginner level ESOL class—take… Read More Guiding Student Reflection in the Classroom

Student Goal Setting: Promoting Independence and Establishing Relevance in Teaching and Learning

On January 27, Sarah Lynn facilitated the final session of First Literacy’s Professional Development Workshop, “Fostering Independence: Helping Students Become More Effective Self-Directed Learners.” The workshop was over-enrolled with a waiting list, which attests to teachers’ interest in the topic and First Literacy’s responsiveness to meet teacher needs. One of the underlying themes of the… Read More Student Goal Setting: Promoting Independence and Establishing Relevance in Teaching and Learning

GED® or HiSet?

On Friday January 20, First Literacy held an information session about two nationally recognized standardized tests that offer high school equivalency credentialing: the new GED® test and HiSet. The room was packed, which reinforced our assessment that many programs and teachers have questions about which test is best suited for their students. Both tests are… Read More GED® or HiSet?

Supporting Adult Education – #AEFLWeek and Beyond

Where are the children who can read? This question was asked in a Globe Op/Ed published 20 years ago. The answer, then as now, is, “Children who can read live with adults who can read.” National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week is recognized each year in September to raise awareness about adult education, English language learning, and family literacy. Nationally, approximately 36 million adults have reading, math, and/or English language deficiencies.
Read More Supporting Adult Education – #AEFLWeek and Beyond

First Literacy Lab: ABCD’s Summer ESOL Gardening Class

ABCD developed this hands-on project after observing that many of their ESOL students had an interest in and experience with gardening, but did not know what plants grow in Boston and in many cases did not have enough room to garden.
“We experienced this disconnect last summer when we brought our conversation class to City Natives for a tour. The students spent an hour and a half comparing plants in their home countries and here, learning the names of edible, medicinal, and decorative plants, and talking about the gardens that they had at home. They were excited about the topic and this engagement helped them to interact with our tour guide almost entirely in English.” … Read More First Literacy Lab: ABCD’s Summer ESOL Gardening Class

The 11-10-02 Foundation Scholars

Since 2014, The 11-10-02 Foundation has funded First Literacy scholarships for adult learners. This March, The 11-10-02 Foundation’s founder, Greg Forbes Siegman, traveled to Boston to keynote the 21st Century Academic Forum at Harvard – a conference for educators and researchers from different countries. During each day of his trip, he spent time with one of The… Read More The 11-10-02 Foundation Scholars