Brain-Based ESOL Instruction


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First Literacy held Session 1 of its Professional Development Workshop Smart Practice: Brain-Based ESOL Instructional Techniques Friday, February 26th in its new professional development room.  A 100% attendance of 23 participants made for a lively room of engaged adult education educators – teachers and administrators alike.

As a foundation for this two-part, six-hour workshop, Sarah Lynn addressed the basic question, “What exactly is learning?” and presented on the neural processes operating in the human brain during learning. Creating conditions and promoting learning for ESOL students were considered, with instructional approaches that involve:

  • Activating schema
  • Connecting what students know with what they are attempting to learn
  • Incorporating pre- and post-testing
  • Distinguishing between recognition and recall
  • Recycling to facilitate student learning

Feedback from participants was excellent, people describing the workshop as wonderful, exceptional, fascinating, helpful, and immediately applicable. Other comments included: This has been one of the best, most interesting, informative workshops I’ve been to, and I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with my staff.

Session 2 will be held on March 18 and will include participants’ sharing with each other how they have begun to implement approaches from the first session.

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