Honoring Mayor Flynn

First Literacy is proud to announce that it will be honoring Mayor Raymond L. Flynn and his contributions to advancing adult education in Boston at our 30th Corporate Spelling Bee on April 11, 2019.

Mayor Flynn and Boston Adult Literacy Fund supporters in 1989

Understanding that Boston was, and would always be, a city welcoming of immigrants, Mayor Flynn suggested to then Boston Globe publisher William O. Taylor that an organization be created to serve the education needs of both immigrants and native-born Bostonians who needed to improve their literacy skills. In 1988, under the leadership of Mayor Flynn and Boston Globe publisher William O. Taylor, the Boston Adult Literacy Fund (now First Literacy) was established to raise private funds and public awareness to support adult learners and the community-based adult literacy programs that educate them.

Since its founding, First Literacy has gone on to serve and support adult learners and adult education programs in the Greater Boston Area for 30 years.  It has helped over 50,000 adults improve their lives and their families’ futures by achieving their educational goals; raised awareness and allocated more than $6 million for adult literacy; given thousands of hours of free technical assistance to literacy programs and free professional development to teachers; and awarded 500 college scholarships.

Mayor Flynn’s impact continues to be felt today. In 2018 alone, 7,400 adult learners and 88 adult education programs were assisted through First Literacy’s funding, scholarships, and workshops. First Literacy is grateful to Mayor Flynn for helping to shine a bright light on an issue that has a solution and proud of the impact that it has had on so many people and families since 1988.