Know Your Rights

Informed communities are cornerstones of a participatory democracy. An important aspect of adult literacy instruction is helping people become more informed about how democracy works: what our constitution says, how we can communicate with our elected officials, what basic rights protect us all. Last Friday, First Literacy sponsored a “Know Your Rights” workshop for teachers with immigrants and refugee students. Attorney Linda Neary presented information that teachers can use to help answer students’ questions.

One attendee sent the following thoughts after attending the workshop:

I attended a very interesting class at First Literacy. The place was packed. The subject was understanding the legal rights of immigrants. Here. (Here, being Boston, more or less.) It was an outstanding presentation for folks, like myself, who are illiterate in the many types of documentation available to immigrants, and precisely how to find answers, quickly, to questions related to immigration. We got great handouts.

The handouts from this workshop can be found on the Resources for Educators page of our website. Go to Resources –> For Educators, then scroll down to Teaching ESOL and select “Know Your Rights: A Workshop for ESOL Teachers with Immigrant/Refugee Students.” For the most current information about changes in events and decisions that affect immigrants in Massachusetts, refer to