First Literacy Lending Library

Thanks to a donation from the Nora Roberts Foundation, our Lending Library was established and enjoyed a successful first year. We are expanding its offerings with a number of teacher resource books as well as high-interest, low level “whole books” for adult learners, ranging from GLE 1-10.

How You Can Borrow

Most teachers borrow and return books when they attend our workshops by arriving before a workshop or staying a little later. A teacher can also make an appointment to visit First Literacy, review the collection, and borrow books.


• Teachers can sign out up to 15 books for up to 6 weeks.
• Books can be renewed if no one else requests them.
• We are not able to mail books to you, but you can mail them back to us if necessary.
• Teachers are responsible for replacing lost books.

Please click here to see a list of sample titles. We will post the complete list as soon as it is available. We welcome suggestions!

Contact Paula Dincer, Staff Associate, with your questions or to set up an appointment.

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