About Us

Professional Development Workshops

We provide free professional development to support dedicated teachers as they learn and grow as professionals.

Our 30th Annual Corporate Spelling Bee

Join us Thursday, April 11, 2019 for a night of food, fun, and philanthropy to support adult literacy education!

First Literacy Lab Grants

We offer flexible funding for the testing and implementation of innovative ideas in Adult Basic Education.

Scholarships for Adult Learners

We provide scholarships for adult learners attending college.

Our Mission

First Literacy’s mission is to ensure that adults with low-literacy or limited English proficiency have high-quality educational opportunities that enable them to thrive as individuals and as family members, in their workplaces, and in their communities.

Our Initiatives

For Adult Learners

  • Scholarships
  • Mentor pairings to ensure success
  • Support during the academic year

For Their Programs

With this multi-faceted approach First Literacy reaches approximately 5000 adult learners and 250 teachers in 150 programs across Massachusetts every year.

The Importance of Adult Education

Our national dialogue on education often overlooks adults who, for many reasons, did not receive an education in their childhood or youth, or are struggling to learn English to make a life in the United States. They have trouble finding and keeping employment, helping their children with homework, understanding instructions from healthcare providers — but adult education empowers, lifts each adult learner, their family, and their community.

First Literacy Scholar and Board member, Ciro Valiente, says it best — watch the video.

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