First Literacy Scholars

Since the Scholarship Program was initiated in 1990, First Literacy has awarded over 500 scholarships. The adult learners who are awarded scholarships come from a wide variety of backgrounds and often face numerous hurdles, but they are united in their desire to improve their lives through the power of education. Many are the first in their families to attend college. Most are heads of households with financial and care-giving responsibilities, and many hold more than one job.

Each scholar has a unique story and a goal they are striving to achieve. We are proud to support these scholars in their journey.

2021-2022 First Literacy Scholars

Below is a list of the 2021-2022 First Literacy scholars and the schools they will be attending.

First Literacy also awards special scholarships each year to deserving adult learners. The Mayor Thomas Menino Scholarship1 was created in 2014 to honor Mayor Menino’s commitment to adult literacy education and the potential of all students. The William Berman Scholarship2 recognizes Mr. Berman’s years of dedicated service to First Literacy and his love of learning throughout his life. The First Literacy Board of Directors’ Scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the Board as recognition of an individual’s or organization’s extraordinary contribution to the success of First Literacy’s mission.

New Scholars

Viktorija Barone – Bunker Hill Community College

Diana Georgina Paulino Castillo – Bunker Hill Community College

Kherrina Titiana R.O. Francis – Southern New Hampshire University

Marie Gerty Marius – Bunker Hill Community College

Christian Gonzalez – North Shore Community College

Maria Gorete Veader – Bunker Hill Community College

Doris Gutierrez – North Shore Community College

Ephraim Jean – Bunker Hill Community College

Khadija Koutani1 Bunker Hill Community College

Qiaomin Li – Bunker Hill Community College

Bushrah Namirimu2 Mount Wachusett Community College

Mark Ralto – Bunker Hill Community College

Valentina Ramos – Bunker Hill Community College

Maria Celia Sarmiento – Bunker Hill Community College

Hanae Zaidi – Bunker Hill Community College

Continuing Scholars

Jocelyne Alleyne – Roxbury Community College

Brima Bangura – Bunker Hill Community College

Yane Chen – Bunker Hill Community College

Katia De Abreu – Bunker Hill Community College

Julia Dupere – North Shore Community College

Gabriela Garcia – North Shore Community College

Joel Gutierrez – Bunker Hill Community College

Damas Joseph – University of Massachusetts- Boston

Thays Lobo – Bunker Hill Community College

Edith Lorfils – Laboure College

Karen Preciado – Bunker Hill Community College

Lilian Rodrigues – Mount Wachusett Community College

Ariela Santos – Bunker Hill Community College

Yves Verneret – Mount Wachusett Community College

Past Scholars

2020-2021 Scholars

Jocelyne Alleyne
Brima Bangura
Edly Basile
Rosene Benoit Volcy
Yane Chen
Katia De Abreu
Julia Dupere
Adriana Echeverria
Gabriela Garcia
Julio Cesar Grimaldo
Joel Gutierrez
Kernsly Joseph
Marie Joseph
Thays Lobo
Edith Lorfils
Javier Matos
Thi Kim Phung Nguyen
Karen Preciado
Lilian Rodrigues
Ariela Santos
Aurie Judith Serrano
Nicole Simeon
Jennifer Torres
Luis Urbina

2019-2020 Scholars
Jocelyn Alleyne
Judelande Antoine
Stephan Augustin
Geraldine Calderon
Julia Dupere
Adriana Echeverria
Axel Ellis
Gabriela Garcia
Livanny Gonzalez
Marie Joseph
Edith Lorfils
Izabella Marques
Tatiana Jean Philippe
Karen Preciado
Alexandre Santos
Ariela Santos
Oumaima Segmaoui
Vu Tran
Luis Urbina
Yves Verneret
2018-2019 Scholars
Dora Ajanel
Jocelyn Alleyne
Kamala Areesamarn
Dimas Barrera
Priscilla Chan
Sherita Dawson
Diandra Drivas
Adriana Echeverria
Girlene Green
Marie Joseph
Eliene Lima da Silva
Edith Lorfils
Patrick Mbanga
Rasha Habis Obyat
Karen Preciado
Marie Regine Paul
Alexandre Santos
Oumaima Segmaoui
Vu Tran
Jennifer Urrego
Yves Verneret
Junying Zhu