Professional Development Workshops

Championing the front line in Adult Basic Education.

At First Literacy we know that supporting the front line in Adult Basic Education (ABE) helps ensure that adult learners receive the high-quality education they need to reach their full potential.

First Literacy professional development workshops provide free, evidence-based training and materials for Adult Basic Education teachers, program administrators, and counselors of adult literacy programs across Massachusetts. We know that professional development isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we tailor each workshop to the unique needs of our participants by soliciting educator input at registration. Because we don’t rely on federal funding, we are able to adapt our workshop topics based on educator requests, not public mandates.

In addition to our free workshops, we provide a library of online resources that can be accessed at any time. We offer ready-to-use lesson plans, worksheets, tools, and First Literacy Grant project presentations. All resources can be adapted and incorporated into your own classes.

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Workshops are listed below — all will be remote via Zoom.
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Improving Accuracy: Literacy Basics for Your Adult Learners

Presenter: Lisa Brooks
Friday, May 13 and June 3, 2022
1:00 – 2:30 PM


Why do the two e’s in ‘even’ have different sounds? Awareness of speech sounds underlies accurate decoding and spelling. In this two-part workshop, participants will differentiate voiced from voiceless consonant sounds, discriminate all vowel sounds in English by their tongue placement in the mouth, and explore in-person and remote strategies and activities to help their adult learners work with tricky sounds and improve their reading accuracy.