A Month To Honor Mothers


Honor a Mother who is making an impact on her child’s life.

Imagine being a mother unable to read a bedtime story to your child or help with homework. Research shows that a mother’s reading level is the single greatest determinant in her child’s academic success. Fathers play a large role in their child’s literacy too. Research shows that young children do better at school if their dads read and play with them.

Throughout the month of May we are honoring and supporting mothers. In early June we will be honoring fathers. Your donation to First Literacy will help provide adult learners, many of whom are mothers and fathers, with the support they need to further their education and set their child up for a future of academic success.

To honor a mother or a father with your donation simply note the name when you submit your donation online. Each name will be proudly displayed on our website.

“I wanted to get a better education for myself and my family. I know that everything in life doesn’t come easily, but I knew I had to take the risk to change my life. I spent long nights and weekends doing homework, and at the same time, I was showing my daughter the importance of getting a college degree and working hard for what you want. She was in middle school when I started college, now she is an adult and will be attending law school in the fall.”


Yamileth, 2011 and 2012 First Literacy Scholar


Mothers Who Are Being Honored

Candida Brush
Joan Dawson
Dania Farah
Maxine Goetschius
Joan Guterman
Jordanna L’Esperance
Yamileth Lopez
Rosemary Putnam
Kherrina Williams
Katherine Winter

Fathers Who Are Being Honored

Leo Brunnick
Joe Khoury
James Mastro
Bob Witherell
Ted Witherell

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