First Literacy Scholar: Alesy

“Deep inside me there is space where faith, hope, and gratitude bloom”. Alesy’s story starts on the island country of Cape Verde where from a young age she was taught about the importance of education, faith, and caring for others. Three years ago, Alesy made the leap to leave her family and immigrate to the United States; the experience has been challenging to say the least. Although she always believed in greatness, uncertainty, fear, loneliness, and physical and mental health problems consumed her life. Refusing to give up, Alesy has faced obstacles headfirst. Those challenges have made her a stronger, more disciplined person, providing a greater sense of self-respect and trust. “That is why I desire to go to college; to have a chance to express myself, and to have an opportunity to become a better human being through education”. Alesy wants to give back to her community and become a “positive vibration” in the world.

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