First Literacy Scholar: Edith

The youngest of several children, 10-year-old Edith was sent to live with her grandparents who put her to work for the adults in the household rather than send her to school. She was soon ill from exhaustion and hospitalized. Thanks to her doctor’s intervention, she was enrolled in a local elementary school but could not complete high school. In 2009 Edith arrived in Boston. She enrolled in school and later graduated from the JVS Adult High School Diploma program. Her advisor at JVS told her about First Literacy and encouraged her to apply for a scholarship. In 2018 she applied and was awarded a scholarship. The scholarship allowed her to attend Bunker Hill Community College and take care of her family in the U.S. and Haiti. In December of 2020 Edith completed her Associates degree in Arts and Science from Bunker Hill Community College with a GPA of 3.611. She was also accepted to a nursing program and will start taking the prerequisite classes. Her goal is to become a nurse. She is determined to spend vacation time volunteering as a nurse in Haiti.

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