At First Literacy we are on a mission to support organizations that are thinking outside of the box. First Literacy Grants support organizations that are pioneering unique adult literacy programs and developing innovative ways to support adult learners in the classroom. Funded projects directly impact adult learners giving students a chance to advance their English skills or improve their reading and writing in new ways. This year First Literacy is proud to have funded seven Adult Basic Education (ABE) organizations in the development and trail of innovative education programs.

Supporting Pioneers In Adult Basic Education

The spread of misinformation has become a huge problem in today’s world of social media and online news outlets. Mujeres Unidas Avanzando (MUA), an educational organization serving low-income Latina girls and women, recognized that identifying misinformation is particularly challenging for English language learners. To help English language learners recognize inaccurate information, MUA designed a new course that taught strategies for outsmarting misinformation in the news while reinforcing English language, digital literacy, and College and Career Readiness skills.

The First Literacy Grant allowed MUA to bring this course to life with fourteen students. Throughout the course students were able to make valuable connections across lessons. In one lesson, a student exclaimed – without prompting, “This is why we verify our information!”. The lesson that day was about citing sources, and this student realized the importance of verifying information right from the beginning so as to not unintentionally contribute to the spread of misinformation.

“First Literacy has been a friend and champion of MUA’s work since the 1990s.”

With funding from First Literacy, MUA was able to deliver an innovative course that helped non-native English students improve English language skills while learning how to identify misinformation.

Partnering with Adult Basic Education organizations to support the development and trail of innovative education programs is a core part of First Literacy’s mission. We are proud to support these pioneering organizations in their quest to make a difference in the lives of adult learners and adult educators.

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