Education is expensive; and for many adult learners, financial limitations can make it difficult to pursue educational goals. First Literacy scholarships support adult learners by giving them an opportunity to reach the dreams they thought were unthinkable. This year, First Literacy was a bridge to furthering education for 34 adult learners.

Yane’s Story

first-literacy-annual-report-2023-Yane-StoryYane came to the United States from China. When she arrived in the United States, she encountered numerous hurdles, but she was determined to better her life. Gaining English proficiency was a top priority, so she began taking classes at the Asian American Civic Association. Upon completing the ESL program, Yane was nominated for and was awarded a First Literacy scholarship. The funds from First Literacy made it possible for Yane to enroll at Bunker Hill Community College.

As an English language learner, navigating college amidst the responsibilities of work and caring for her 7-year-old child did not come easy. There became a point when managing work, studies, and family became overwhelming for Yane, nearly leading to the abandonment of her education. This challenge, along with language barriers, significantly complicated her learning journey. The First Literacy scholarship made it possible for Yane to shift her focus and reduce her work hours to prioritize studies. Regular check-ins and the ongoing offer of assistance provided by First Literacy played a pivotal role in her decision to persist in her college journey.

“I am honored to have your support through these unforgettable four years. Without your (First Literacy) encouragement I may not have made it to the end.”

Yane worked at the YMCA for two years as a full-time teacher, mostly working with toddlers, and the rest of her time as a preschool teacher, but she has taken a step back from work to focus on her studies. She still works as a substitute teacher sometimes but is focused on completing her associate degree in May 2024. She is also considering transferring to a four-year college to gain her bachelor’s degree. Her goal is to become a kindergarten teacher.

Yane is a phenomenal scholar who continues to show her resilience and determination in her journey to achieve her education goals. First Literacy is proud to support Yane and her bright future ahead.

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