First Literacy Scholar: Julia


Julia was born and raised in East Boston. With an unconventional upbringing, she and her younger sisters did not attend school or see doctors. Julia’s first experience in a classroom was when she enrolled at Harborside Community School’s Adult Education Program. She passed her HiSET exam and began studying at North Shore Community College. In her first year there, Julia struggled to adjust to school norms and expectations. She was successful in her request for accommodations and has now become a stronger student and better test-taker, overcoming her generalized anxiety. Online learning due to pandemic safety requirements was another challenge for Julia, but she has continued her studies. Her favorite courses are Biology and Chemistry where she finds it fascinating to learn “the intricate mechanisms of how the world and its inhabitants function.” Following her love for animals, Julia’s dream is to obtain a bachelor of science and become a Veterinary Technician. She also hopes her hard work and dedication will act as an inspiration to her younger sisters.