First Literacy Scholar: Kherrina

Kherrina is from Kingston, Jamaica – a city known for it’s vibrant night life and severe economic hardship. Her childhood was not easy. She grew up in a toxic environment, but still managed to be an exemplary student. Her hard work paid off and she was placed in one of the top schools in her area. She eventually enrolled in college and did her best to juggle work, school, and parenting. During her 2nd year of college the the father of her daughter was tragically murdered, forcing Kherrina to put her college education on hold. Shortly after the father of her child was gunned down Kherrina lost her job. In 2015 she decided to move with her daughter to the United States in search of a better life. Kherrina is now enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University, where she is planning on obtaining a communications degree to pursue a career in mass media.