First Literacy Scholar: Lelsy


Lesly’s journey is one of courage, determination, and compassion. From serving as a police officer in his native country to immigrating to the United States in search of peace and a better life, Lesly’s desire to become a nurse shines brightly. Despite facing numerous challenges, including language barriers and financial constraints, Lesly’s spirit remains unyielding. He spent a year honing his English skills at the Asian American Civic Association, determined to pursue his dream of becoming a nurse.

Lesly’s experiences working in a hospital opened his eyes to the vital role nurses play in the lives of patients. Witnessing the dedication and care they provide daily, he knew he belonged in this field. As a father of two boys, Lesly’s determination stems not only from his desire to build a fulfilling career but also from the responsibility to care for his family. His mother’s passing has left a void in his heart, and his father in Haiti awaits his support.

The First Literacy scholarship brings Lesly one step closer to his goal of becoming a nurse and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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