First Literacy thanks the individuals, corporations, and foundations whose generosity sustains us. The following list recognizes those donors who made gifts between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.


$50,000 and more

The Manton Foundation

$25,000 to $49,999

American Endowment Foundation
Jeffrey Beale
BNY Mellon
Cummings Foundation
Eaton Vance
Morgan Stanley
State Street Corporation

$10,000 to $24,999

Franklin Templeton
Untapped Resources Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999

Brookline Bank
Anya and Michael Brunnick
Lawrence and Gail Fahey
Hamilton Company Charitable Foundation
Frank F. Herron and Sandra A. Urie
Howell Family Charitable Foundation
John Hancock
Martha Bates and Michael Mazzaschi
MFS Investment Management
Peter A. Mullin and Barbara H. Smith
Newmark Knight Frank
Ropes & Gray
Lucy Stair
The Wendy G. Rowland Charitable Gift Trust

$2,500 to $4,999

Albert O. Wilson Foundation
American Moving and Installation
Cabot Corporation
Mary Hildebrandt
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Karen M. Morrissey
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Patricia Quigley
Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Signature Consultants

$1,000 to $2,499

Act 3 LLC
Cynthia Amadon and Peter Schliemann
AvalonBay Communities, Ltd.
Baker Root Family Foundation Inc.
John Capone
Steve curry
Deborah Davis
Mallory Digges
Julie and Andy Doyle
Michael A. Duca and Jacqueline D. Blombach
Luise Erdmann
Wayne Ferrari
Geoffrey T. Johnson and Barbara A. Garner
David R. and Anne E. Gergen
Hannelore and Jeremy Grantham
Mr. and Mrs. Guzikowski
Eugene M. and Mary L. Hornsby
Nilan Jayasinghe
Olga Kasparova
Elizabeth and Walter Kenyon
Thomas Lehrer
Matthew Littlefield
Gary R. and Holly E. Burnet Mikula
Robert E. and Sarah G. Mitchell
Ryan Murphy
Matthew Nicholls
Olson Zaltman & Associates, LLC
Annalisa O’Neill
Rasky Partners
Brian Rogan
Nils and Yvonne Sandell
David R. and Ann M. St. Germain
Benjamin and Katherine Taylor
United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
Emily Wade
Honorable Rya Zobel

$500 to $999

Bruce Allensworth
Lindsay Bishop
Kimberly Brennan and John O’Loughlin
Melissa Burch
Jonatha Ceely
Donna Charpentier
Xu Cheng
Robert Chesley
Christopher Cullinan
Andre and Marilyn Danesh
Bruce B. Daniel and Susan M. Dacey
Melinda Donovan
Ken Dornstein
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
Dozier and Margaret Gardner
Paul and Kitty Gerry
Gibson Sotheby’s International Real Estate
Walter and Celia Gilbert
Roger and Cindy Goldstein
Corey Groves
Stephen G. and Ellen G. Hoffman
John Howell
Mark L. and Susan P. Irvings
C. Bruce and Helen L. Johnstone
Patty and Kevin Kelley
Richard and Florence Koplow
Julia Krapf
Jeffrey K. and Patricia M. Lines
William M. and Kristin H. Martin
The Hartford
Ryan and Christine Tosi
Laura Velez
Jane Williams
Terry Witherell

$250 to $499

Joan and Ames Abbot
Alchemy Foundation
Robert Allen and Shirley Hui
Jocelyne Alleyne
Kristyn Anderson and Yigitcan Acar
Carol Anderson and Stephen Lin
Robert W. Sparkes and Danielle J. Belanger
Alan Benenfeld
Anne Blessington
Laird and Sara M. Bloom
Anne Brandt
Henry Warren and Nina Brown
Susan Case
Arthur D. Clarke and Susan P. Sloan
Ann Coles
Edward Condit
C. L. and Julia M. Fair
Georgia M. and Bruce E. Johnson
Katherine Johnson
A. Lawrence and Ruth C. Kolbe
H. F. and Jane S. Little
Margot Livesey
William Shaw McDermott
Matt and Collin McDonald
Amie and Stephen McKenna
Robert Miller
Lucille Morton
Ann Noble-Kiley
Jeanne Nutt
Meghan and Alan Palmer
Julie Paris
Jeffrey Patterson
Elizabeth and Ervin Phillips
William J. and Lia G. Poorvu
Amelie Ratliff
Jacqueline Ridout
Desmond Rohan
Roberta Rubins and Donald Abrams
Robert M. Salino and Eileen Storz-Salino
Carole Schlessinger
Stanley F. and Kay L. Schlozman
Paul R and Theresa A Simeone
Nancy Soulette
Steven Stanton
Tucker Taft and Phyllis Yale
Joel Tillinghast
Anne Tyrrell
J. Edward Varallo
Paula Virtue
Steven M. and Enid Wetzner
Claire Wilcox
Daniel C. and Wendy W. Winn

All Other Donations

Liza Allen
AmazonSmile Foundation
Maureen Anderson
William Anzenberger
Kelli Armstrong
Mark Aronson
Peter Avallone
P. C. Navin and Suzin M. Bartley
Jeri Bayer
Ashley Bell
Mary Bell
Laura Bell
Anne Benaquist
Patricia Berger
Benton and Melisa Berman
Lorrey Bianchi
Linda Black
Mike Boutin
Peter F. Conrad and Ylisabyth S. Bradshaw
Richard M. Brotman and Linda J. Bond
Bowman Selig Families Charitable Trust
Candida Brush
Elizabeth Cabot
Elizabeth Caney
Kenneth E. and Mary W. Carpenter
Chris Centurelli
Douglas Herberich and Lee Chelminiak
Wilfrix Cherazard
Carson and Emily Chu
Bonnie Clendenning
Peg Coles
Peter and Patricia G. Cooper
David A. and Sharon S. Cores
Florence Coslow
John Cotter
George Cronin
Norma Culviner
Janice and Christopher Daley
Matt Daley
F. Davis Dassori
Joan Dawson
Amina Derbali
Paula Dincer
Deva Djaafar
Anita Roy Dobbs
Joan Domenicucci
Tristan Domville
Sarah Domville
Richard S. and Julie A. Doring
Richard G. and Lenna Dower
Christian Draz
Adriana Echeverria
Elizabeth Eromin
Katharine Evans
Corrine Falotico
Susan Fish
Kathleen Fitzgerald
Kathryn Foley
Brian Forbes
Rachel Freed
Anna Friedman
Barbara Fultz Martinez
Judy Gallagher
Steve Gallant
Myles A. Brown and Judy E. Garber
William Gardner
Barbara Garner
Caleb Gilmartin
Alan Ginesky
Kenelm W. Harris and Debra Glabeau
Andrew Glass
Maxine and Jim Goetschius
Doreen L. and Mark M. Goldberg
Elise Goldberg
Sandra Goldfarb
Nancy Goodwin
Ms. Joan S. Gordon
Justine Griffin
Anne and Joe Grilli
Lindsay Grossman
David and Margaret Gullette
J. Ryan Gunsalus
Daphne and George Hatsopoulos
Joshua Heerter
Abigail Henrich and Jon Paul Sidnor
Marcie Hershman
Ellen Hertzmark
Judith Hikes
Nicholas S. Hodge and Maya Ruettger-Cruciana
Jean Holmblad
Bradley and Jane Honoroff
Heidi Hughey
Taylor Ingerman
Naomi Isler
Robert Johnston
Michael Kan
Stephanie Karger
Kimberly Kayser
Lori Kelly
Debbie Kilgour
Jordan Knight
Edgar Knudson
Laurence Koff
Paul and Skye Kramer
Susan Kranz
Dave Kranz
James Kukstis
Elizabeth Labedz
Michael Kautz and Kelsey Labrot
Jacqueline Lara
Stephanie LaShoto-Westfield
Tess leizerowski
Ruthe L’Esperance
Amy Letteney
Qiaomin Li
Marcia Lidman
Ellen Lipsey
John Lisker
Elliot D. and Lenore Z. Lobel
Dorothea Black and Stephen R. Logowitz
Yamileth Lopez
Jean Francois and Joan Chafet Louis
Meredith Malloy
Sarah Markell
Laura Markley
Jeffrey E. and Jane W. Marshall
Kadie Martin
Keith McCarthy
Audrey McQuade
Madeline Memoli
Robert Mendelsohn
Beatrice Miller
Christine Miska
Julia Mitarotondo
Fisher Morgan
Ivor P. and Barbara E. M. Morgan
Michael Morris
Bernard Morrissey
Michael Murphy
Susan Mygatt
Jennifer Nagle
Nancy Nelson
Bernadette OBrien
Helen O’Donnell
Scott Ofrias
James O’Hare
William Oliveros
Paul O’Sullivan
Gillian Pachter
William Pannella
D. Cosmo and Jane P. Papa
Kathleen Parker
Sarah H. and Norman A. Pederson III
Elisabeth Peterson
Harold Pratt
Robert D. and Rosemary W. Putnam
Richard and Mary F. Rafferty
Jennie Rathbun
Diane Raysan
Mina Reddy
Luke Reid
Michael and Maureen Ricciuti
Janet and Jeff Ringuest
Frank and Patrice Roberts
Paul Roder
Matthew Rogers
Jacqueline Rogers
Sharryn E. Ross and Jon G. Truslow
Joshua Roth
David Sallet
Julie Sallet
Peter Sallet
Molly Sallet
Alan R. States and Linda K. Sanders
Kelli Scandrol
Claudia and Anthony Schwartz
Helen Schlichte
Philip S. and Susan Schwarz
Nancy Scola
Robert W. Seifert and Jennifer B. Goren
Robert Shapiro
John Shea
Mary Shultz
Robert Silberman
Julie Slack
Stephen P. and Robin A. Smith
Arthur M. and Linda Smith
Andrew Sogolow
Mary Beth Soya
Donald R. and Jeanne Stanton
Victoria Steinitz
Mannatt Sukumar Menon
Paula Sullivan
Gloria Tatarian
Neil and Carol Todreas
Hayley Trahan-Liptak
Laurie Tunick
Christopher Valente
Ciro Valiente
William Vanaken
Rosamond Vaule
Susan Waldman
R. J. and Laura R. Walters
Donald and Susan Ware
Henry Warren
Shannon West
William H. and Sally H. M. Williams
John T. and Jennifer N. Wilson
Katherine Winter
Robert Witherell
Donald E. and Erin E. Witherell
Theodore M. and Jo Ann Wong
Steven Wright
Gregory and Andrea Youman






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