At First Literacy we know that educators set high aspirations to facilitate their students’ success. First Literacy professional development workshops are designed specifically for Adult Basic Education teachers, providing fresh tools and insights that enable educators to elevate their performance in the classroom and reach their objectives. This year over 150 educators attended First Literacy professional development workshops. These educators have made it a priority to further their own education so they can continue to help adult learners realize their dreams.

Sarah’s Teaching Journey

first-literacy-annual-report-2023-educator-Sarah-quoteSarah became aware of First Literacy professional development workshops when she began her journey as an ESOL teacher. She found teaching conversation came easy to her, however teaching reading and writing felt more difficult. First Literacy offered her organized learning and classes that could help her become a more effective teacher at no cost.

She gained valuable insights from Sara Lynn’s “Brain and Learning”, and she expanded her knowledge of Google Classroom and other google applications through a course taught by Andrew Shapira, which proved to be useful during the pandemic.

“First Literacy provides classes that help make me a more effective teacher at no cost.”

A part-time teacher at Jewish Vocational Services and Cambridge Community Learning Center, Sarah has been a participant at First Literacy workshops for the past eight years. The range of resources she’s gathered has made it easy for her to innovate curriculum and better serve the adult learners in her classroom.

Teachers like Sarah play an essential role in Adult Basic Education. Free professional development workshops provide a bridge to the resources educators need to help adult learners reach their educational goals.

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