Much like adult learners, educators have great expectations for themselves and their ability to support students through their growth in education. Our professional development workshops give educators working in Adult Basic Education an opportunity to gain new tools and knowledge that will allow them to exceed expectations in the classroom.

Connecting Educators Through Impactful Workshops

first-literacy-annual-report-2022-Yvonne-workshop-participantYvonne, Director of Education Programs at Beverly Bootstraps, has attended more than a dozen First Literacy professional development workshops. She began attending the workshops when she first started in the adult education field and quickly discovered that the workshops provided her with new tools and resources that allowed her to better shape her teaching practices for her adult learners.

First Literacy provides support and enrichment in all of [the] areas that I am so passionate about… And while the workshops continue to educate me on best practices, these days I come as much for the personal connection to others who are as passionate in their work as I am.”

For Yvonne, one of the most impactful workshops she attended was a workshop on teaching math. Math can be daunting to many adult learners and is often the largest hurdle for students to move past. The workshop offered Yvonne some great insight into how teachers can simplify math questions thereby taking away some of the fear that students face.

“This was a hands-on class that taught something I could bring back to my program and use immediately to improve instruction. During the class we had time to work with other workshop participants. We formed connections with each other.  I maintain some of these connections to this day.”

Teachers play an integral part in the adult education system, acting as a link between adult learners and the great expectations they have for their education. Connecting and sharing best practices and new tools is essential for teachers to continuously learn and offer the best possible experience in their classroom. We are proud to support educators like Yvonne who are passionate about learning and implementing innovative curriculum that make an impact on adult learners.

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