First Literacy Scholar: Sonia

sonia first literacy scholar 2022-2023 headshot

Sonia is the youngest of nine children born in a small town in Brazil. When she was a child her father and his uncle were killed by a drunk driver. The tragedy left Sonia’s mother with nine children to raise. Her mother had to work incessantly along with several of Sonia’s older brothers to keep their farm afloat. Sonia learned to be independent and diligent. She walked four miles a day to and from her elementary school where she was an outstanding student. Sonia continued to excel in middle school and high school. The family motto was “Study, work hard and become independent so you don’t need financial support in the future.” In 2014 Sonia came to the United States for the first time to visit family and take a six-week English course. She fell in love with the U.S., vowing to return one day to live there. Sonia was drawn back to the United States since she had so many family members and friends in the country. She now works part-time as a Nanny and does volunteer work in coaching and psychology for the Brazilian community. She is studying at the Gardner Pilot Academy. Her goal is to study business administration at Bunker Hill Community College so she can learn how to build, manage and grow a U.S. business. She wants to open her own business eventually. With the support of First Literacy support and the experience she has acquired in life so far, she hopes to give back to society and to her beloved immigrant community. 

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