Corporate Spelling Bee

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The Corporate Spelling Bee is First Literacy’s largest annual fundraiser. By participating in the First Literacy Corporate Spelling Bee as a sponsor, you help fund

Bee-ing on a spelling team is a great way to bond with your fellow worker bees while supporting adult literacy. Teams of three compete by spelling words sure to stump even the savviest speller. 

Take a look at the short clip from our first-ever virtual Corporate Spelling Bee. Congratulations to the team from John Hancock Investment Management: Owen Foley, John O’Loughlin, and Suzanne Lambert … winners of the 2021 Corporate Spelling Bee!

Thank You To Our 2021 Host Committee

Lou Maiuri, Honorary Chair, State Street
Josh Binswanger
John Capone, KPMG
Rob Chesley, Citi
Debra Gould, Newmark Knight and Frank
Frank Herron and Sandra Urie, Cambridge Associates
Geraldine Lippman and Carlos Pinto, AST
Kevin McGovern, Deloitte
Ryan Murphy, UBS
Irene Speridakos, BNY Mellon
Margarheeta Wise, MFS