First Literacy annually awards $1,000 scholarships to adults who have completed adult basic education or English language programs and are continuing on to vocational training or higher education. The scholars receive their First Literacy scholarships in recognition of their:

  • Educational achievements and potential,
  • Community service, and
  • Perseverance in the face of hardships.

All recipients must be recent graduates of adult literacy programs located in Massachusetts.

Meet Our Scholars

Our Scholars have overcome many obstacles to continue their education; they are determined and willing to work hard. Yet, the way for these students is not always easy. Most are heads of households with financial and care-giving responsibilities. What unites all First Literacy Scholars is their resolve to improve their lives through education. While many of these adults are the first in their families to attend college, we know they will not be the last. We honor their efforts and achievements at our annual Scholarship Ceremony hosted by Boston’s Mayor. To watch the 2017 Scholarship Ceremony, please click here.

First Literacy scholarships have helped over 450 adult learners with mentoring and monetary support as they continue on to higher education, taking the next step in improving their lives.

First Literacy 2017 Scholarship Description
First Literacy 2017 Scholarship Application

First Literacy Special Scholarships

The Mayor Thomas Menino Scholarship was created in 2014 to honor Mayor Menino’s commitment to adult literacy education and the potential of all students. Recipients are:
2014 – Angelina Gigante

2015 – Jason Grant

2016 – Moses Kabwe

2017 – Marie Regine Paul

The William Berman Scholarship recognizes Mr. Berman’s years of dedicated service to First Literacy and his love of learning throughout his life. Recipients are
2016 – Malquisua Sousa
2017 – Diandra Dawson

The Robert Fraser Scholarship was created to memorialize Mr. Fraser’s commitment to education and leadership of First Literacy in its early years. The one-time scholarship was awarded to Tong Liu, a fellow pianist and lover of music.

The 11-10-02 Foundation is an organization that funds grants and scholarships for hard-working students throughout the country. The 11-10-02 Foundation Scholars are
2014 –Mohamed Janga, Charlie Ramirez, Sherrie Wray
2015 – Abdeljalil Bougherarah, Vanessa Dorta, Lovely Montina, Prakrit Saetang, Malquisua Sousa
2016 – Xavier Aquirre, Luciana Castilho, Valry Jamieson, Catricia Plaisir
2017 – Yunying Zhu