First Literacy Scholar: Natalie


As a child Natalie struggled in school due to bullying from both students and teachers. Eventually the bullying got to be too much, so she resorted to homeschooling. With the help from the Methuen Adult Learning Center, Natalie passed her high school equivalency exam.

Obtaining her high school equivalency credential was just the beginning. Natalie’s passion for animals soon led her to North Shore Community College, where she applied to the Vet Tech program and was accepted.

Juggling college classes, a full-time job at a doggy day care, and supporting her father through chemotherapy has been challenging, but Natalie remains undeterred. She has become a role model for her parents who did not attend college, inspiring them to see the value of education and independence. Grateful to be awarded a scholarship from First Literacy, she is determined to achieve her educational goals and serve as a beacon of hope for family.

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