Our cause is a problem that has a solution, and thanks to the generous donations of our supporters we are making great strides to help adult learners with low literacy or limited English proficiency break outside the box and create a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Barbara’s Unwavering Support

Barbara Headshot First Literacy DonorA dedicated donor since 1989, Barbara’s career focused on adult literacy and non-traditional education. Most recently working at Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), she helped adults advance their educations and secure financial independence.

“I liked the idea that First Literacy addresses gaps in the services in Boston, particularly Adult Basic Education (ABE) services. First Literacy is the only organization of its kind: it’s small, it’s responsive, it’s focused, and I can have a voice.”

The focus of First Literacy, originally known as the Boston Adult Literacy Fund (BALF), on supporting adult basic education classes is what initially attracted Barbara to the organization. She is currently a supporter of the First Literacy Scholarship Fund. Many of Barbara’s former students received First Literacy scholarships and continue to be an inspiration to her and her husband, who is also a dedicated supporter.

Boston Adult Literacy Fund history image with Donor Barbara

Barbara (middle) with BALF supporters.

“It’s great to give to an organization where you can directly see your impact and help adults receive the education they deserve. It has a ripple effect; families benefit, the next generation benefits and society benefits.”

First Literacy is most grateful for Barbara’s support and donors like her who make it possible for adult learners throughout Massachusetts to achieve their dreams.