Grounded in research and practice, this material focuses on the roles of both teachers and students in the context of English language acquisition, keeping how students learn front and center in the teaching process. Special attention is given to instructional approaches that promote student recall and articulation.

Overview and Planning Materials:
Session 1 – Brain-Based ESOL Instruction Techniques (.pdf)
Brain-Based ESOL Resources for Further Learning (.doc)
Action Plan Template Implementing Brain-Based ESOL (.doc)
Session 2 – Brain-Based ESOL Techniques (.pdf)

Sample Exercises and Student Activities:
Retrieval Practice Guide – Brain-based ESOL (.pdf)
Dictation of Quotes for Brain-based ESOL (.doc)
Multisensory Approach to Spelling for Brain-based ESOL (.doc)
Multisensory Checklist for Teaching ESOL (.doc)
Reading Oral Fluency Activities for Brain-based ESOL (.doc)
Recall Activities for Brain-based ESOL (.doc)