This material is intended for teachers with high intermediate or advanced students and is suitable for transitions to college, HiSET, and GED level learners. It includes strategies to help students read and write effectively for academic purposes by

  • engaging in activities that help students comprehend complex texts;
  • exploring rubrics that help students track their own progress in expository writing; and
  • reviewing the basics of academic language, including how to understand an assignment.

Academic Word List (.pdf)
Common Terms Used on Exams (.pdf)
High Incidence Academic Word List (.pdf)
Indigenous People Level 4 Activity (.pdf)
Indigenous People Level 8 Activity (.pdf)
Letter Writing Template Sample and Rubric (.pdf)
Reading for Academic Purposes (.pdf)
Purposes of Academic Reading (.pdf)
Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes Presentation (.pdf)
SQ3R-Organizer – Reading and Writing For Academic Purposes (.pdf)
Strategies for Reading Textbooks (.pdf)