Presenter: Sarah Lynn

What can we do as classroom instructors to encourage students to stick with it? Research shows that students who establish their learning goals, monitor their progress, feel connected to their classroom community, learn effective study skills and strategies, and have a sense of agency and control in their classes are more likely to persist in their pursuit of education. These workshop materials include research-supported classroom activities and practices that foster the resilience, agency, and grit our students need to achieve their educational goals.

Session 1:
Strengthening Student Persistence and Resilience Presentation Part One (.pdf)
Student Persistence Class Activities (.pdf)
Learner Persistence Program Self-Assessment Landscape (.pdf)

Session 2:
Strengthening Student Persistence and Resilience Presentation Part Two (.pdf)
Persistence Handout Session 2 (.pdf)
Student Persistence Log Items Templates (.pdf)
Language for Group Work (.pdf)
Voice Level in the Classroom (.pdf)
Goal Setting Contract Template (.pdf)
Intake Intermediate Worksheet on Learning English (.pdf)
Student Persistence Monthly Contract (.pdf)
Planning Worksheet for 5 Year Goal (.pdf)

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