This project aims to provide video lessons targeted towards Chinese learners of English who want to improve their pronunciation and learn more outside of the classroom. The videos will be accessible via WeChat, a very popular social media application, and will include instruction, practice, and assessment of various pronunciation topics that are particularly challenging for Chinese speakers due to language transfer. The instruction will be light-hearted, fun, and involve pop culture and current events to keep students’ interest and make learning enjoyable. Students will also be able to engage with the videos by asking questions, commenting on the videos and sharing with friends.

Contrastive Stress Card Game For Chinese English Learners (.pdf)
Instructions for WeChat Video – Intro (.pdf)
WeChat Survey – translated in Chinese (.pdf)
Listening Quiz (.pdf)
BCNC First Literacy Grant WeChat Lesson Script Handout (.pdf)
BCNC Instructions for WeChat Video – Lesson 1 (.pdf)