Established in 2003, the ESOL Program increases self-sufficiency of ATASK clients, all Asian women who are survivors of domestic violence. The program serves at least 30 women each year, 30% of whom are residents of ATASK’s shelter and another 30% of whom are former residents. The proposed project will reduce the proficiency level range of learners in each ESOL class, increase the time spent in reading and writing instruction, and the frequency of this instruction. As a result of the project, FY 2017 learners will make greater gains in English proficiency, particularly in reading and writing skills, and those entering the program at SPL 0 and 3 will have increased program persistence when compared to learners in FY 2016.

Tips for Developing Reading Comprehension (.pdf)
Enhancing Reading and Writing Skills Lesson Plan Form (.pdf)
Enhancing Reading and Writing Business Problems Worksheet (.pdf)