Presenter: Leonardo Espinosa

A variety of approaches to pairing students’ personal photographs with storytelling are presented to help adult English learners express themselves in English, improving their vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.

Resources from Session 1:
Visual Storytelling Presentation (.pdf)
Visual Storytelling Short Guide (.pdf)
Producing and Reading Images in the Adult ESOL Adult Classroom (.doc)
Workshop Storytelling Exercise (.doc)
The Pedagogical Possibilities of Photo-Story Production (.pdf)
Photography and Writing Teacher’s Reflection For ESL Students (.pdf)

Resources from Session 2:
Talking About Photographs Lesson Plan (.pdf)
Visual Storytelling Additional Resources (.pdf)
Text Messaging Visual Storytelling Activity (.pdf)
Who Am I Visual Storytelling Activity (.pdf)
Reporting The News Visual Storytelling Activity (.pdf)
Freedom Trail Visual Storytelling Activity (.pdf)