Meeting the Needs of Program Directors

The majority of First Literacy Professional Development Workshops focus attention on improving teaching and supporting teachers in ABE programs. We love doing this, and teachers attest to the value of our workshops. But ABE program directors have needs, too. Like teachers, they can benefit from professional development and support to prevent isolation, renew energy, and… Read More Meeting the Needs of Program Directors

The “M” Word

 I had the great pleasure of observing a recent two-session workshop at First Literacy called Math Instruction for High School Equivalency: De-mystifying Algebra for the Math Phobic. I should say that the pleasure part kicked in after my fear and trembling subsided. The highly skilled facilitator, Marilyn Ginberg, shared hands-on approaches for teaching algebra with… Read More The “M” Word

Using WhatsApp

After attending the workshop “Digital Resources to Create Independent Learning Opportunities for ESOL Students” at First Literacy on February 3, Mary Ellen D’Angelo of Jackson Mann Community School chose the free app WhatsApp to try out with her adult students. WhatsApp uses the phone’s Internet connection for messaging and is more suitable than texting for… Read More Using WhatsApp

Student Goal Setting

On January 27, Sarah Lynn facilitated the final session of First Literacy’s Professional Development Workshop, “Fostering Independence: Helping Students Become More Effective Self-Directed Learners.” The workshop was over-enrolled with a waiting list, which attests to teachers’ interest in the topic and First Literacy’s responsiveness to meet teacher needs. One of the underlying themes of the… Read More Student Goal Setting

Preparing Adult Learners for Social Studies and Science High-School Equivalency Test

First Literacy held the first of its two-session Professional Development Workshop Preparing Adult Learners for Social Studies and Science High-School Equivalency Test on Friday, March 11th.  Facilitated by John Shea of Charlestown Adult Learning Center, Kelly Folsom of X-Cel Education, and First Literacy Director of Programs, Michael Feher, the workshop was attended by 18 adult education teachers… Read More Preparing Adult Learners for Social Studies and Science High-School Equivalency Test

Brain-Based ESOL Instruction

  First Literacy held Session 1 of its Professional Development Workshop Smart Practice: Brain-Based ESOL Instructional Techniques Friday, February 26th in its new professional development room.  A 100% attendance of 23 participants made for a lively room of engaged adult education educators – teachers and administrators alike. As a foundation for this two-part, six-hour workshop,… Read More Brain-Based ESOL Instruction