Presenter: Sarah Lynn

The materials below are from a four-session mini course on the brain science behind the learning process.

Session 1: An Overview on the Brain and Learning

Learn about recent research on the mind, memory, and learning, and translate these findings into effective classroom practices. Explore which activities enhance student learning and strengthen student memory.

Learning and the Brain – An Overview (.pdf)
Learning and the Brain Info Gap on Spaced Practice (.pdf)
Further Resources for Learning and the Brain (.pdf)
Implementation Worksheet Learning and the Brain (.pdf)
Learning and Brain Retrieval Activities (.pdf)

Session 2: Student Speak – The Essential Role of Elaboration in Student Learning

Learn why “student speak” is essential to learning. Explore several simple and engaging classroom activities to help students make connections essential for remembering their learning.

Presentation Student Speak Why Elaboration is Essential For Learning (.pdf)
Implementation Worksheet Elaboration in Student Learning (.pdf)
Teacher Talk Excerpt From Visible Learning by John Hattie (.pdf)
What is Memory Elaboration in Student Learning (.pdf)
Jigsaw The Effects of Retrieval Practice Elaboration in Student Learning (.pdf)
Language for Collaborative Work in Student Learning (.pdf)
Tips for Collaborative Learning (.pdf)

Session 3: Developing Student Resilience – Encouraging Effortful Learning

Explore simple techniques in teacher feedback, student questioning, and pair/group work to increase student focus on effort, learning strategy, and critical thinking and to reduce performance anxiety.

Developing Student Resilience Effortful Learning (.pdf)
Implementation Worksheet Developing Student Resilience (.pdf)
Handwriting & Learning Excerpt PBS Article (.pdf)
Article Researchers Create New Font Designed To Boost Memory (.pdf)
Developing Student Resilience Error Correction Handout (.pdf)
Developing Student Resilience Sorting Activity for Practice vs. Performance (.pdf)

Session 4: Multimodal Learning – Engaging the Whole Brain in the Classroom

Learn some of the science behind multimodal learning and explore a broad variety of ways to enrich your teaching by using all the modalities in your classroom

Multimodal Learning Engaging the Whole Brain Presentation April 2019 (.pdf)
Multimodal Learning Combining Voice and Text Activities (.pdf)
Multimodal Checklist For Teaching ESOL (.pdf)
Multimodal Spelling For Teaching ESOL (.pdf)
Multimodal Feedback Identifying Sounds of English (.pdf)
Multimodal Learning Quiz (.pdf)

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